1. Derby participants may enter in person at participating locations (please see for details) or register at The entry fee is $55.00 for Men’s Division (Salmon or Mixed Trout), $55.00 for Women’s Division (Salmon or Mixed Trout) and $40.00 for Junior Division (Salmon or Mixed Trout).  Junior Division participants must be under the age of 16 upon completion of the Derby. Participating locations will have entry forms until the close of business on Thursday, May 18, 2017, and online until 11 pm. Late registration will be available on Friday, May 19, 2017, at limited locations (please see for details) for a fee of $60.00 and $45.00. No one will be able to enter thereafter. Late registrations are valid only for Saturday and Sunday. Duplicate tickets will be $5.00 available at the weigh station(s) only.
  2. Derby registrations shall be in his/her possession while participating in the Derby and must be presented to any Derby Official upon request. The Derby registration form is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  3. Each adult participant must possess a valid 2017 NH fishing license, and all fish must be taken pursuant to NH Fish & Game Regulations.
  4. Only Landlocked Salmon and Lake Trout taken from Lake Winnipesaukee shall be eligible.
  5. Any and all fish in Derby participant’s possession must be dead prior to entering the Derby’s weigh station. Any living fish in participant’s possession will result in immediate Derby disqualification.
  6. All boats used by derby participants must be equipped according to the NH Marine Safety laws. Current registration from any state is required and must obey NH laws.
  8. All fish entered will be examined by a  NH Fish and Game Biologist and/or Derby officials. Participants must enter all fish whole, not gutted, gaffed, frozen or altered in any way. All Salmon entered must be at least twenty (20”) in. long. All Lake Trout entered must be at least twenty-two (22”) in. long.
  9. Each participant entering fish must fill out an official fish entry form to the satisfaction of the Derby officials. Participants must also produce a witness who can verify that the entered fish was caught in the presence of the witness and to the best of his/her knowledge, in a manner consistent with the rules and regulations of the Derby and the laws and regulations of the NH Fish and Game Department. The witness will be required to sign the official entry form.
  10. All fish entered must be checked in on the day caught. Winning fish shall be determined by weight, length, and earliest date and time entered.
  11. Each winning participant shall be eligible for only one grand / major prize. Individuals may be eligible for more than one daily prize.
  12. All Grand/Major/Daily winners must be present at the award ceremony when their name is announced or forfeit their prize. Ticket Holder drawing winners will receive their winnings via mail.
  13. Each participant agrees that the decision of the judges is final. In the event of fraud or other rule violation discovered subsequent to the awarding of any prize the judges reserve the right to change their decision.
  14. No person directly associated with the Winni Derby, a member of the Daniel Webster Council, BSA committee producing the derby or a member of the Laconia Rotary committee supervising the Winni Derby or a sponsor will be eligible for prizes.
  15. Each participant and witness agree to comply with the official rules and regulations of the Winni Derby and the laws of the State of NH. All winners of any Grand or Major prize will be required to sign a sworn affidavit provided by the Derby. If requested, the participant and the witness agree to submit to a polygraph examination (lie detector) at a time and place determined by the Derby officials. Refusal to submit to a polygraph examination by either the participant or the witness may result in entry disqualification. Failure of either to pass the polygraph to the satisfaction of the Derby officials shall result in entry disqualification.
  16. Each participant shall hold harmless the Lakes Region Inland Fishing Association, Inc. its officers, directors, the Laconia Rotary Club, Daniel Webster Council, BSA, Derby officials, committee members, sponsors, agents, affiliates and employees for any bodily injury including death or any other damages sustained as a participant during the Winni Derby.
  17. Prize winners shall permit Winni Derby unlimited use of his or her name and photos for marketing and publicity purposes. Winners shall be responsible for paying all applicable taxes.